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Damon has been dancing his entire life. Starting with vernacular jazz and blues he went on to Hip-Hop, and eventually studied over a dozen different dance styles until coming full circle, and has been focusing primarily on the history and styles of swing and blues since 1995.

He has taught dance extensively on both coasts, and studied the development of vernacular jazz and blues dance regionally and nationally, traveling to New York, Chicago, Memphis, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, St. Louis, and New Orleans. He has been interviewed as a jazz dance historian in documentary and for radio.

Damon has been a featured instructor at numerous swing camps and jazz festivals and workshops and camps across the U.S. and Canada. He is a member of the California Historical Jazz Dance Foundation, and a member of the Northern California Lindy Society.

Damon's classes are relaxing and full of humor. He focuses on the underlying principles and breaks down the most difficult concepts and moves so they are easy to understand and incorporate. With an eye on musicality and improvisation, he'll get you on the floor and dancing rather than just doing moves.


Emily Elzea hails from Seattle and quickly fell in love with the intensity of blues music and dance. She has a diverse dance background, having grown up with ballet and modern dance training. She eventually moving into social partner dancing in 2002. In addition to an in depth study of blues, Emily has studied salsa and lindyhop and dabbled in Argentine Tango. This year she has focused on becoming heaviy involved in the US national Blues scene traveling across the USA and has quickly become one of the most respected and sought after dancers.