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Following a sellout visit in September, Damon Stone is coming back to Brighton for one night only to teach beginners and improvers blues and dance his socks off at our freestyle. For anyone into Blues or looking to take their partner dance to a next level this is an event not to be missed!

This man was a major inspiration for us when we created the decaDance and DanceBootCamp concepts. It all started when we saw Damon dancing on You Tube a few years back. Quite simply we just wanted to dance like that! Even took private lessons specifically with the brief to make us 'dance like Damon'. Well it's fair to say it's still a slow 'work in progress' but we still want to dance like Damon more than any other dancer...

We became more interested in his work and his involvement with the US bluesbootcamp. We immediately fell in love with the concept and approach to intensive dance tuition. Hence the tangobootcamp and latterly the westcoastswingbootcamp and bluesbootcamps were born.

Damon taught at our BluesBootCamp last September and following the great feedback and many requests we are delighted to have him back in Brighton for one night only.

The bluesbootcamp with Damon Stone is an opportunity to experience the finest tuition from one of the world’s leading blues teachers and dancers.  The topics have been chosen to reflect areas where Damon really believes he can bring something to OUR party.  We have developed the schedule with him to meet YOUR dance needs. You will learn techniques and moves you can immediately put into practice on any dancefloor,  not just a dark blues room.  Workshops will contain elements of basic and advanced, vintage and contemporary. The classes are for all levels. Whether you have never danced Blues or dance it every week you will ALL benefit and take important learning away from each class. 

Beginners - 19.15-20.00pm
Damon will cover the basics of a number of different Blues
dances giving you a broad vocabulary of moves and styles. No matter what style of Blues music is played you will be on the floor living it up.

(All Levels) Beginners+ Improvers - 20.15 -21.30
Musicality + Moves. Damon will buld your repertiorre of Blues moves with stylish stuff for social dancing. Plus a huge selection of tips to improve your Blues connection and musicality

(All Levels) Freestyle - 21.30-23.00

Price is only £15 for all the workshops and freestyle. Soft drinks and snacks provided.