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Cheap Car Parking at Hove Station on class nights
and occasional Tempatation/Tango Saturday dances

There is limited parking at Ralli Hall allocated on first come first serve basis. There is free off street parking in many streets around Ralli Hall after 8pm but do check metres carefully.
 There is also free car parking after 6pm at Hove Town Hall Car Park (south of venue) and a few unmetred streets North of the venue + railway line (both are approx. 10 minute walk).
However, if you don’t want to search out a space or walk very far we have arranged a special price for our dancers at at Hove Station Car Park, just 1 minute walk from Hall.

Rather than the £6.00 metred cost it will only cost you £1.60 for the whole evening.
 Please print off the special pass below. Park your car, then present the pass to the ticket office at the station and they will give you a special reduced price ticket to put in your windscreen. We will also hold a stock of passes at our front desk in case you forget to print it. 

Please note the station ticket office shuts at around 8pm. After that you will need to pay the full amount at the metre or find a space elsewhere. 
This deal only applies on Mon/Thurs class nights/occasional Saturday evenings. 




This offer can be withdrawn at any time. and is issued at discretion of Hove Station Ticket Office 
Dancebootcamps/Ceroc are not responsible in any way for any parking disputes, fines or loss of property, vandalism relating to where you park. You always park at your own risk.